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Here are just a sampling of some of the kind words we continue to receive from our valued clients and peer community



"Ashley relates to her patients with respect and kindness, she has a thorough understanding of children's motor challenges and presume's competence every step of the way.  My son not only received excellent treatment from her but also forged a personal relationship that allowed him to trust her and her clinical judgment even when it meant working on challenging tasks."

~ Celina V

"Our son has made phenomenal progress working with Ashley. Her creativity, persistence, patience and knowledge truly sets her apart, and has made all of the difference in working with our son with fine motor delays. She has always kept him engaged, and set clear expectations including giving us guidance to work on certain activities outside of her time with him. She is an excellent communicator and collaborator with other providers (i.e. school) which has only helped to facilitate progress. We highly recommend Ashley!"

~ Kristen S.

"Sherri has worked with our daughter for about 2 years now. Sherri has gone above and beyond in regards to every aspect of our daughter's therapy needs. She has offered many suggestions as well as given specific literature, and information after doing countless hours of research regarding any and all issues our daughter has experienced. Sherri provides a fun and structured environment which is the consistency our daughter needs. We have seen great improvements, and have been provided the needed resources for success. When we have been met with extra challenges Sherri has offered continuous support by reaching out via text and emails throughout the week to check in and offer support in any way needed. Sherri is very compassionate and we couldn't be happier with the level of care we have received both professionally and personally."

~ Tyana B.

"My son enjoys his therapy sessions with Sherri. They put in hard work, but also have fun. My son has made great strides with his writing, and sensory processing goals. My son loves the activities they do together; little does he know that they are actually helping him while he is having fun. We love Sherri and are so thankful we found her!"

~ Kami C.

"Ms. Sherri has a good way of having my daughter, Angel, do her therapy. She makes therapy fun and very creative. We love her!"

~ Lizette A.

school support & cosultation


"Ashley has a gift for individualizing her therapeutic approach to the needs of each student while creating a respectful relationship that allows the student to feel believed in, appreciated and a true team member in the planning of their treatment.  A gifted approach in the special education environment."

~ Colmena Academy

"Collaborating with Ashley in the co-treatment / education of students was a joy.  She is insightful, prepared, experienced, and knowledgeable while remaining open to considering different and novel approaches for the benefit of her students.  Ashley leans in as a team member in a way that supports the development of a truly appropriate education plan for students."

~ Celina V.

"Ashley Albers’ expertise and evidence-based practice, in the area of Occupational Therapy, is beyond reproach; she successfully partners and collaborates with multi-disciplinary teams in order to provide and identify educationally relevant outcomes and therapies for students with disabilities. Ashley is a highly trusted and respected professional at the forefront of her field with exemplary communication and problem solving skills."

~ Maureen D.

"This is a bit of a random email, but I work for a school district and was just reviewing past history for a student and came across a report that you (Ashley) wrote 3 years ago and it was hands down the best OT report I have ever read. You did such a great job thoroughly assessing the student and then synthesizing and summarizing the information in a meaningful and accessible way. It genuinely made me rethink the way I write and format reports (and I have been doing this for more than a decade) so I just wanted to reach out and say thanks for contributing to the caliber of our field. When I looked your name up I saw Sherri, with whom I used to work with at KIDS Therapy, so I just had to say hello. What a great team you have!"

~ Lori L..

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