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At Albers Therapy Group we have the opportunity to focus on individualizing not only our therapies but also our therapy environments to best match you and your child's needs.  Home and community based therapies result in skills and routines that are tangible, rewarding, and more easily generalized.

therapist team


With over 30 years of collective experience, our passionate team of therapists are informed, experienced, and eager to improve the lives of their clients and their families.


Ashley Albers

Owner, Occupational 

Therapist MS OTR/L

Ashley holds her master’s degree in occupational therapy from the University of Puget Sound, WA.  She has...


Zuzanna Congalton

Occupational Therapist MS OTR/L

Zuzanna is a California licensed and NBCOT certified occupational therapist who graduated with her Masters of Science in...


Sherri Drehobl

Occupational Therapy Assistant. Coordinator COTA/L

After working in the Special Education system within the school setting since 2000, Sherri returned to school and ...

Micaela picture.jpg

Micaela Elshazly

Pediatric Occupational Therapist  MS, OTR/L

Micaela graduated with her Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy in 2014 from California State


Geanette Floyd

Online Business Manager

Specializing in back office business support, operations and leadership.

I am a business owner, wife and dog mom. Yoga is a huge part of my life as well as being outdoors on hikes and walks at the beach. 


Bobbi Bower

Office Manager

Specializing in Bookkeeping, client billing and customer service.

After working in the Special Education system within the school setting since 2000, Sherri returned to school and ...

Our Service Area


We operate as a mobile therapy service and come to you.  We can work in the home, at the local playground, virtually, or in partnership with community programs like gymnastics.

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Direct Services

With OT services, the goal is to build independence across play, school, and daily activities (ex. dressing or at mealtimes).   


OTs help with:

  • Self regulation and attention, 

  • Sensory processing, 

  • Motor coordination and strength, 

  • Fine motor skills,

  • Daily life skills (ex. feeding, dressing, grooming), and handwriting or keyboarding skills. 


Albers Therapy Group offers direct services:

  • in client homes

  • in the community (ex. playground)

  • and virtually 

Consultation Services

Consultation with an OT is often an individually tailored service.  It can look like:

  • Parent or sibling coaching

  • Partnering with the family to help create opportunities for all members to be successfully included in family meals, special events, or simple routines.

  • Helping a family create events uniquely tailored to their child's special needs (ex. birthday)

  • Consultation with community programs to maximize accessibility 

  • Collaboration with other providers (ex. SLP, PT, LCSW, Psych, including advocates, review of evaluations, goals, and services)

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Our Specialties

Our team of therapists rely on thorough, individualized assessments to guide child specific, thoughtful therapeutic interventions and critical analysis of therapeutic tools.  

As a team we are specially trained in:

  • Autism

  • Executive Functioning

  • Attention & Focus

  • Therapeutic Listening/Listening Program

  • Sensory Processing Assessment and Intervention (SIPT)

  • Floortime

  • Feeding (Sensory and Motor Based Interventions)

  • Motor Learning Approaches/Praxis

  • Handwriting and Keyboarding (Handwriting/Typing Without Tears)

  • Rapid Prompting Method

  • Integration of low and high tech ACC

  • Therapeutic Yoga

  • Infant Massage

  • Developmental Discoordination

  • Fine Motor Delays

  • Visual, Vestibular, and Auditory Treatment 

  • NDT/ Neurodevelopmental Treatment 

  • Interactive Metronome 


  • Zones of Regulation & Social Learning


Payment Options

We are a private pay clinic operating on a subscription based payment model.  Most often, clients enroll in a monthly plan of 4 or 8 60 minute therapy sessions.  


Most payments are processed through a client portal on our website.  This makes it easy to manage card options and to schedule make-up sessions or consultations which are included with your paid plan.


You can use FSA or HSA funds (or pre-tax monies deducted from a paycheck for health care expenses).  


We offer superbills.  Superbills are an invoice for services already received and paid, that are formatted specifically to submit to an insurance company for potential partial reimbursement.  If you choose to explore using a superbill, we suggest you:


1) Call your insurance provider.  Here is a quick reference sheet to guide you with things to ask.   


2) Share with us a formal diagnosis code.  

We can use a physician's recent referral or we can get a diagnosis code directly from you and your current medical documents.  This is important because insurance companies need a diagnosis code to justify payment for services. 


If you have any questions or specific requests, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask.  While this is our general service plan, we know that no one size fits all. 

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